Does anyone else have this Keybinding issue?

Have to re-bind the Build and Launch Manager toggle keys everytime loading up HW1R?

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Yeah, it’s a known bug of keybinds not saving. I was frustrated about this as well. But here’s a plus to it. Leaving them as default you can always press ESC to exit out of them. Also, consider having the mothership with 3 carriers able to build fighters. You can open the build menu, hover mouse over the interceptors, click, press B (switching to the next build ship), click on interceptors, press B, click interceptors etc.

makes multi-ship building easier.

It may make make building from multiple sources easier, but it’s much more frustrating to not have them both as toggles so you can quickly get the menus off your screen.

Pressing Esc doesn’t seem to work to well, as Esc first cancels your current unit selection. Only when your selection is cleared will it close the menu. This means you have to press Esc either once or twice, an inconsistency which makes the interface awkward (along with the impractically tiered backspace to collapse the HUD, instead of a simple toggle).