Does anyone else like to strip yourself of all gear from time to time?

I don’t know what else to call this, but I’m referring to selling/storing all of your gear and starting a mission with absolutely nothing, using only what you find and also avoiding vending machines. I generally do this with DLC but also like to do it from time to time in general. I do this in loot-based games where you can use loot right away, even in Skyrim. It’s a nice challenge to face enemies with no guns or shield and scavenge whatever drops. Even common drops are a relief.


One of the reasons I play arms race is for this effect


I wish arms race enabled action skills and had class mods as pickups that would allow at least those perks.

In the game, no. In real life I try and do this every Thursday


Only on Thursdays? Boooring.

Sometimes I do slaughter shaft runs like that: stripped character and skills points unallowed with tree reset. Then I allow a certain amount of skill ponts each wave.

I did this in bl2 and TPS many times. Is a change of pace that keeps the game playable. Havent tried it in 3 yet but look forward to it.