Does anyone else really enjoy the music in Borderlands 2?

ESPECIALLY the Southern Shelf Battle music, the production and originality of it is seriously amazing. I feel like the people involved on the music in the game don’t get enough credit.

Which areas have your favorite music?


Love all Bl1 and bl2 music. My favorite track is one that’s actually in both. If you haven’t played 1 you’d know It as the “Highlands” music. It was first played at the end credits of the knoxx dlc in 1 and also in scorched snake canyon in the robolution dlc.

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They have decent music. I like the Flamerock Refuge one.


A lot of it is fantastic. I particularly like the tune that plays at the vendor at Lucky’s Last Chance Watering Hole in BL1.

Raison Verner wrote a great deal of the music for BL1 and BL2 including Tina’s DLC. This is his SoundCloud page :

Edit : also Jesper Kyd contributed quite a bit :

YT has uploads for the complete soundtracks ; the wiki has some credits :


My favourite is the guitar solos by Mr Torgue! :smiley: (I kid even though they are awesome!)

I really loved the music in the badlands from BL1 - really set the tone of barren, desolate wasteland that felt dangerous.

I’ve played BL2 so much whilst watching videos that I can’t remember the music that well right now. Might have to change that for my next playthrough! :slight_smile:

I liked pretty much all the music in BL1 and BL2. Highlands is probably my favorite, then Sanctuary.
In BLTPS I feel like most of the music missed. The only 2 I liked was when you 1st step foot onto Helios and the Claptrap song from Overlook.

I was JUST listening to BL2s soundtrack the other day and was in complete amazement, as I am every time. Jesper Kyd is phenomenal. He creates music that you can feel.

Yup, sure do! Some of my personal faves are the Southern Shelf (Liars’ Berg) ambient music. It sounds like a lonely arctic wasteland like the Fyrestone theme from BL1 sounds like a lonely arid wasteland. The Three Horns themes that follow continue with that lonely arctic feel.

Speaking of Fyrestone, the redone theme in BL2 for it was a huge cool factor moment for me when I first heard it kick in.

When I first got to the Highlands I was like “oh wow Knoxx credits remix!” :smiley: Another cool moment.

I also like the ambient and combat music for Hero’s Pass. Perfect penultimate level music that sounds like s*** is hitting the fan.

The only music I’m tired of is the Dust. Because I do so much tubby hunting there heh. :smiley:

Yeah me too. Love that track:

I love the BL1 end credits track too:


From the outro of one we can only go to the intro of two… It’s mandatory.

I discovered The Heavy thru it. Many good songs.
I love Borderlands (2) music. Always fitting. So good you almost forget about it.
Games and movies score writer will never get enough credit. Beside maybe that Williams guy! :wink: Many games have good music but Borderlands stand apart in that department too. imho.


Because I run Thousand Cuts loot midgets almost daily, I absolutely love the high wavering vocals that phase into a synth. Also, that lonely, jangly guitar that kicks in almost everywhere is simply perfection for setting the desolate wasteland.

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Same here. Discovered The Heavy through Part 2 and Cage The Elephant through the BL1 Intro.


I actually play the theme song on guitar. It’s the song in the beginning of the game when you let the intro roll before hitting the start button. If there are any other musicians here and are interested, it’s actually very simple to play. The chords are C#minor, B Major and F# Major … :sunglasses:

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It’s Borderlands (both but specifically 2) that got my kick for Video Gaming Music going, alongside the old Genesis Sonic games.

Some of my favorite pieces in particular, from 2:
The Fridge Ambient
Bloodshot Ramparts Combat
Boom Bewm and Captain Flynt boss track (it’s used in both battles)
and Wurmwater Ambient

From 1:
Welcome to Fyrestone
Fighting off the Skags
Burning Rubber and Shooting Bullets
The Junkyard Vista

And just like with old Torgue in BL1… I kinda miss the ambience of suspense BL1 had.


I really loved the badass crater of badassitudes ambient music, and the caustic caverns music

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