Does anyone else see the eyes that pop up while you type?

I’ve been noticing this for a few days now…

When I am typing in the text boxes on these forums every now and then a pair of cartoon eyes appears to the bottom right of the text window, where my auto fill word suggestions show up.

And not just eyes, other cartoony objects as well.

Has anyone else noticed this?


Nope. Never seen that. Then again, I never see any auto-fill suggestions either. This makes me think that you’re accessing the forums from your phone, which has been possessed by a cartoon ghost. :eyes:

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Nope, I never noticed it either.

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Right in 1.

Like, it’s not “in” with my autofill suggestions, it’s directly above them.

I think…

I’ll keep an “eye” out…

Ok, lol, if I type the word “eyes” that exact eye emoji appears in my auto fill suggestions.

Maybe that’s it, I’ll stay observant for it!

I only see that if I type a colon and then a word that matches the text in one or more emoji names, but that happens inside the edit window as a contextual popup.

I guess the OS of your device is hinting that you can use a particular emoji,

Or, you device is possessed.

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This has long been a suspicion of mine!


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Sometimes, if someone else is typing at the same time that you are, you might see their avatar pop up around the text box. Something along those lines?

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I’ve seen that happen too and wondered about it!



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