Does anyone else think all the NPCs in moxxi's bar are super annoying?

they are always shouting dumb crap and standing in front of the slot machines! at least in the last 2 game the NPCs had the good sense to pick one spot and chill there forever. also the music in moxxi’s bar is too…classy? not really feeling the vibe. so I really hope for the love of RNGesus to tell the NPCs in the bar to chill.


they’re drunk

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Yes the NPC are very annoying

Yeah, but in Bl2 there was always that one npc that would stand in the side door. Cheeky bastard.

I was able to kill one of them on accident by getting a grenade to come out of a slot machine. It was an accident though

I find Moxxi to be more annoying than the NPCs

Almost as annoying as the npc punching the respec station. What the ■■■■ is wrong with him?


Add new function to the poop cannon you get from the sidequest that makes them run away and leave you alone if you shoot them with it… >.>

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Why didn’t they pick me?

“Does anyone else think all the NPCs are super annoying?”
Here, I fixed it for ya… and yes, yes they are.

if it aint broke don’t fix it.

There are NPCs in the bar?

where do you get this poop cannon from?

Tis the way of life in Borderlands.

Its a side quest found in Lectra City.

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Yes they are