Does Anyone Else Think Galillea is Overrated?

She’s a really REALLY solid character, don’t get me wrong. She has an amazing toolkit with access to every bloody CC in the game. She -can- smash face but I feel like this only really happens if the opponent lets her sit at full health with Zelda sword and she’s engaged on her own terms with full corruption. Also, a huge part of her success as a Brawler comes from landing a challenging skill shot that can leave you screwed if you miss, which is easy to do with a knowledgeable opponent. The main reason I feel she’s overrated though is that despite having access to the entire toolkit, the animation/delay to get everything off is sufficient that your opponent has lots of time to react and think before you lay into them unless they had a stroke and let you engage with your full combo available during the brawl. The one place I feel Galilea does excel is controlling the lane and, now, as a clearer. If you’re trying to gank or initiate a brawl, you have to go to them and your only ranged damage is tied to full health. Finally, her ultimate is a huge liability in that it pretends to be your escape while in actuality it just paints a massive, slow-moving target on the ground for anyone to stun and kill you. So, to summarize, extremely solid defensively though hardly the GOAT people claim her to be and in constant need of healing support to maintain her full potential.

A character that I feel can do the same job, only better, is Shayne & Aurox. She has less in her bag of tricks but she can do more with what’s there and works both offensively and defensively. She can also function fairly autonomously in pretty much any field position, especially after the recent patch. Shayne’s boomerangs are a decent ranged attack with fantastic area coverage for easy minion tags and safe clears, which means faster, safer leveling than you can get with Gal. The effective range and width of her primary melee combo is excellent. She can gank better than Ghalt in that her Fetch protects her, pulls them, her Stealth Strike lands pretty much instantly for a potent slow effect that lasts til you kill, and her model is large enough to block the escape of your target. She has more options. For example, Fetch stun for offensive play or Fetch pull for territorial play. She feels way beefier to me too, even without the shield. Oh, and this is purely anecdotal but to me it feels a lot easier to land crits with Shayne on a consistent basis.

What are other peoples’ thoughts on this?

Edit: Last thought on this atm is that Shayne can also really dominate melee that suffer in the early game and deny them xp with Fetch ganks w/e they try to get in on the lane action.


She was my first to master before I knew anywhere near as much about the game (took me a while cuz of damn 25 Ambra kills) and I got bored with her (but pretty damn good) before I even mastered her for the very reasons you mentioned.

And now any player, especially ranged, worth their salt knows how to counter all her kit…i rarely rarely play her anymore.

Never, in fact.

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I played her beta, never really got past that OP feel. I tend to get wrecked now unless I have a friend just tracking me as Miko.

S&A is way more powerful now as far as I can tell.


That’s because her and SaA share the same role?

They both are early aggressive dominate characters. lvl 1 you run to mid kill someone, take control, and if not you really can’t do squat. There is one thing Gali does better than SaA and that’s the vortex pull rips you into center lane from perch or the ledges on monuments. Well also she heals better.

Damage wise the character is insanely reliant on the triple swing of Dangerous if she wants to straight maul you, otherwise you have to all in on damage items. Which I do because I all in on shield generates corruption 90% of the time.

Also most people don’t but if you use one of any of your carries to have a shield pen item or item that does X + shield pen she will literally never use dangerous the entire game. Like no one chooses to, but i have some good saved builds for Oscar, whiskey, Mar, Thorn specifically for compet games.

With SaA back up on top she becomes a lot more average.

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Yeh that’s what I’m sayin. Plus a lot of characters have Shield Pen helixes at parts of the helix where none of the options are really super important so if I see a Gal I’ll just grab one such helix and it shuts her down pretty well.

I’ve got mixed feelings about her. She’s fantastic at controlling the lane if she has backup, and excels at killing people who are out of position or attempt to enter her territory alone. However, people still play her like she can dive 2v1, which spells instant death for her. I can 1v1 most characters with her besides ones like Kelvin and Montana, but it takes me outplaying my opponent to do it for all but the squishies just because her damage is so low. While I frequently get a lot of kills using her, and a ridiculous number of minions, many of the people I see playing her do not. Like you said, she cannot gank or initiate, unless you happen to be an unfortunate Miko when she’s at full health (It’s lovely how Miko graciously presents their crit spot in its full glory when stunned). When I play her, I rely heavily on my teammates making initiations that I can capitalize on, or my enemies making mistakes (overextending, attempting to engage me while I’m clearing a wave and have backup, etc). Landing her skillshot isn’t much of an issue unless I’m doing a Hail Mary, simply because so many players are jump-happy, and it’s so easy to predict a landing if you jump. If the enemy is playing a solid game and my teammates are being pressured back, there isn’t much I can do with her.

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I currently think she’s well balanced. She has a heck of a lot of CC but as you said it’s a pain in the butt to cast, and she has a ranged stun but throws away her only defense while doing so. She can be a great wave clearer now with the new minions, but she does have some rather strong counterpicks at the moment as well. In my opinion she’s fine.

Since the ghalt nerf, with a coordinated team I don’t think there is a character that can control the game more than gali. Her ability to maintain the front line, pull multiple people in to her and pummel them while her team blasts around her, and just overall her wide range of cc is second to none. Throw a miko on her and forget about it. And if she catches you alone, out of position and has her abilities, you may as well stand still and let the inevitable happen.

I play an aggresive Galilea using this loadout:

Green shield with shards
Legendary shield recharge that steals 15% dmg as shield
Her legendary

That tiny 15% helps a bit to keep is dangerous to go alone and her legendary keeps your hp up.

I think her gear is what makes her op or meh


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