Does anyone else think Seeing Dead Com Shoulda been built into skill tree

I mean seeing dead zane opened zane up so good, i feel like it shoulda been a tier 2 skill so its accessible to everyone. Outside of super speed infiltrator builds i think that the vast majority of his coms are not well thought out and pretty bad now.

The new asa200 opens up clone builds damage viability with shield immensely. I think sntnl cryo shoulda been any zane skill active tbh but i hate anoints in general as they mess up the loot experience for me.

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I’m 50/50 with these.

It would be very cool to have the chance to proc all kill skills in the Seein’ Red capstone, this would help Zane have more class mod variety (and the Seein’ Dead class mod would still be a top tier com), but it would turn Seein’ Red a must have skill for all builds.

And in the other hand, I like to swap out from the Seein’ Dead from time to time, that’s when you feel that Zane is high skill cap VH. They only need to buff most of the Zane com’s to be on par of the Seein’ Dead.

No I don’t want this. I do think Seein Dead shouldn’t be a DLC com, but I would rather it be a com than a skill.

If Seein Dead were a skill it would be Zane’s best skill by far. It would practically be mandatory for all but “challenge” builds. Putting it too early in the tree would make NVHM too easy and putting it too late would force players into very specific builds.

I would rather they buff some of his other coms. I doubt any would actually be better than Seein Dead, but they could at least get a couple the point where I don’t feel silly using them.

(Also, 150 rad is better than 200 ASA.)

I kind of think it’s already in the tree? Death Follows Close already gives them a 25% boost, and with Hitman, you get to fire all these things manually at least once if not twice to get the ball rolling so you can then coast on your own kill maintenance.

Seein’ Dead is a little overpowered for me (basically kill skills are constant instead of maintained)… I save it for higher Mayhem Modes or any really stiff fight, and use the more fun/engaging COMs otherwise.

Not really even though its obviously super helpful. A character built around kill skills you don’t even have to get a kill to activate is kinda dumb. They are supposed to be powerful buffs that you have to work to maintain, same as back with someone like Axton - it makes you prioritise mobs you can kill fast then move on to tougher ones.

Seein dead is a nice capstone as it helps Zane out with lone bosses and makes you manage your action skills. Seein dead has made Zane much more powerful at the expense of diminishing his unique play style.

The problem is the allocation of all the kill skills he already has. Fl4k has the Bounty Hunter COM which is exactly like Seein Dead, only it procs Hunter skills as well as kill skills, the only reason the Bounty Hunter isn’t considered OP or central to Fl4k being a viable character is because most of Fl4k’s damage comes from their other skills increasing it passively.

Meanwhile the vast bulk of Zane’s damage relies ENTIRELY on kill skills, he has next to no passive damage boosts aside from Violent Momentum and Synchronicity. Even then, the only major damage contributors are Donnybrook and Playing Dirty if you spec it to get a 100% activation chance. Everything else is secondary effectiveness like fire rate and reload speed.

If Zane had his damage potential linked to more passive bonuses in his skill trees, the Seein Dead COM wouldn’t be as necessary to make him viable for harder difficulties. His kill skills could still significantly contribute to his damage potential, but they wouldn’t be the backbone of it the way they are right now.


I agree playing dirty uptime is the sole reason i get 700k crits ona pewpew nonstop. I tested on xam and tam… Seeing dead is too nessasary if you care about damage. One stack of playing dirty per kill.

If seeing dead com was gone ppl would find zane very very underperforming. Its our meta.

For the record i have only 1 point in tier 2 of the blue tree selected And what i got on the Seeing dead com. Its amazing. Getti g double damage is no joke.

Wikis and fandom dont really comprehend how it makes zane effective with fast ars smgs etc now.

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I like the idea they had with cool hands, but they should extend this with by a big margin.
Give the kill skills passive bonuses and increase those on kill.
Seein dead is only really good because the kill skills stack twice.


I don’t get this idea that having it as a skill would kill build diversity… I never saw a Zer0 build that didn’t take death blossom or a Maya build that didn’t take Ruin.
. It’s what Seein Red should have been


I think it’s more an indication that all other class mods for Zane are too weak.

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