Does anyone feel advanced difficulty should give "advanced" gear?

Maybe I am just upset right now maybe there is something legitimate here let me know what you guys think. For the past few nights some friends and I have been running advanced at the hopes of getting some of the gear to complete some of our main character builds and we have noticed a trend. Maybe our group has just been very very unlucky and the rng gods are rubbing karma in our faces for who knows what reason but we have been doing advanced difficulty missions, not hardcore just advanced but the loot has been complete doo doo. Let me start with our renegade run, we just felt comfortable with this mission so we did it on advanced. The loot boxes dropped a common in the first area, a common in the second and a common in the third well whatever lets just hope the boss drops something sweet. Well if an uncommon is sweet for some then he sure did. Nothing good from that run so we go onto the sentinel for the same thing… Common gear common gear and common gear and his mini bosses dropped uncommon, so we get to the old sentinel down him in pretty good time and he drops another uncommon item, we end up getting a gold rank and to add insult to injury I received 305 credits for the mission. Granted I was playing as Alani and didn’t get that many kills but my healing was the best on the team. Out highest damage dealer and killer received around 400 credits for a gold ranked mission and we completed it in 34 minutes. We tried again last night on the sentinel and same thing. Commons from the loot boxes well an uncommon from the second one, a common from the first mini boss and an uncommon from the second mini boss and the old sentinel. Once again the credits were very disappointing. Is this just bad luck or does anyone else agree doing higher difficulty missions should give more credits and better gear, it’s that way in many other games why not this one? Its a simple risk vs. reward factor that I feel is definitely lacking and it’s tough to justify doing a harder run that gives less reward when we can run a normal and get more money all the time and better gear majority of the time.

Bosses in Advanced Mode already have an expanded loot pool. They have a chance to drop a legendary that won’t drop in Normal. You could get the Normal or the Advanced drop.

Now, the probability of any Legendary dropping is still at the whim of RNG, and given how long it takes to get to some of these bosses, I think it is entirely too low.

I feel your pain bro, idk What it is but story mode just does not ■■■■ WITH ME lol.

One time me and some friends where trying to get vyns quiver and chronos key so we did sentinel on advanced. We did this 3x straight and I’m the type that does not play story mode in video games I’m strictly PVP. So all 3 runs we get uncommon gear and I just couldn’t take it anymore so I left them to play pvp. They did a 4th run and long ■■■■■■■ behold they get vyns quiver on some A class BS.

haven’t touched story mode since

I may have been pretty spoiled with world of warcrafts new loot systems and that’s why I’m a little bitter but yeah the time vs reward is just not worth while yet in my opinion and I believe needs an honest look over.

But higher grade gear isn’t necessarily better. There’s a green I very much want to get my hands on but have never seen and a white I’d love to get a better roll on. Either of those would have more value to me than just about any purple or blue.