Does anyone find Mayhem 10 legendary drop rates to be really low lately?

I’ve been farming Katagawa Jr, Xam and Tom, and a bunch of basic enemy hordes recently and I feel like legendary drop rates (as well as dedicated drop rates for bosses) have been really stingy nowadays. In fact, I’ve noticed more green and white loot dropping than blue, purple, or orange loot on M10. As someone who did a crap ton of farming pre Mayhem 2.0, I feel like drop rates on M10 don’t feel nearly as generous as they did back on Mayhem 4 before the update. Does anyone else feel the same? I’ve tried posting on Reddit about this, but the majority of feedback I got in return were people either saying that I’m just unlucky or actually liking how much rarer legendaries have gotten, so I can’t get a clear answer.

I play on Ps4 pro, by the way.

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Drop rates are definitely better than they were right after the Mayhem 2.0 update. Though areas like the Guardian Takedown definitely need improvement. I’d agree that dedicated drops can still be a bit low though Gearbox has been trying to improve this with recent patches.

I just finished the Guardian Takedown on M10,for the first time on my Zane. Took me about an hour, maybe a bit more. And i got extremly good rewarded from both bosses for my invested time.

13 World Drops.
Not even a M6 drop or another dedicated.
But 2 Ripper and 2 Woodblocker.
■■■■ your Destiny Takedown gbx, never again.
Such a crap.

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Legendary drops seem good but dedicated drops need a big boost! I farmed for a reflux recently and only got 2 in an hour and a half. With so many anoints on top of the variations of the gun itself gearbox needs to look at this…again.

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I’ve seen reports from people saying that some of their character saves are getting normal world drop rates, while other character saves are getting mostly green and whites.

Sounds like something funny might be going on.

I’ve noticed when you have the slayer modifier and kill enemies with the facepuncher, all they drop is money and sometimes a green or white item. And of course shield and health regen :laughing:

I switched to lootsplosion instead and it’s raining purple & legendary com’s shields and nades most of the time

I played a bit today and I too noticed a decrease in dedicated drops from several bosses but I wasnt really after anything specific other than a ‘Fire’ Light Show with 50 / 150 Rad anoint so it didnt really bother me so much.

Dedicated drops possibly as I farmed 3 hours for one sand hawk tho got the D.N.A. on second run. Did the Maliwan takedown recently and only got the good juju and nothing else useful.

Lmao the woodblocker and monicle i have seen these drop so much im starting to see them in my sleep they are taking over with that blackhole shield.


Don’t forget the devoted and the spinner . Those op weapons drop also a lot :rofl:

I get more Monocles and Malaks Banes than any dedicated drop from every boss in the game lately.

The loot for time investment is too unrewarding in this game. Not enough good items to warrant farming with these drop rates.

I also thing GB should remove more of the bad anointments due to the low drop rates. Items with good anointments are so rare its a deterrent and makes me want to quit playing opposed to making me want to play more.

I don’t play that much anymore because of the poor farm rate on mayhem 10. This is after the latest DLC 4 patch.

For example, I was farming for the Monarch off and on for over a week, roughly 10-12 hours total. In that time I got the exact same non-burn Monarch 4 times, and one shield burn Monarch.

This drop rate isn’t fun at all, and honestly, makes me dislike the game, which is a shame because overall it is really great when you have good weapons.