Does anyone go down the right skill tree until the end then switch and go down middle for Gunzerk Pistols?

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Lol I’ve never done this before with any character

but had to do so with Nisha, I went down right skill tree because I thought the skills were better than centre.
However I just had to get the Gunzerk Pistol special skill so as soon as I got to the end, I switched points up to centre,

Anyone else do this??

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That sounds about how I run her…

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I usually go down the right tree early on for Survival but as soon as I get a Grog or similar weapon with life steal I respec going heavily between middle and left trees.

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Is that on PC with the UCP?

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Personally, the middle tree is the one I spend the least in, and only at the end.

I usually spend 12 points in Law and Order to get the middle column one-pointers to get decent survivability, then I move on to Riflewoman for the huge spike in DPS the lower skills provide.

I then spend my points however the build I’m running dictates.

Don’t sleep on the leftmost tree: the survival aspect is one of the best in the whole borderlands franchise. Take the time to read order carefully, it’s worth it.

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I think you replied to me but not entirely sure though. I now realize that I posted from the perspective of Sal and not Nisha so that’s why it reads weird lol. It’s probably because I read Gunzerk Pistols. But for Nisha in this case I go Law and Order first then the middle tree. I hardly touch the right tree to be honest, and I don’t play much of Nisha anyways.

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Personally I put my first 23 points in the right tree, the next 22 in the middle, and the last 22 in the left. Nothing from the other 2 trees provide the survivability and DPS I get from the right tree.

Plus there’s no reason to not use the Invigoration Oz kit in early TPS, even further undervaluing the left tree in my eyes.

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@khimerakiller Just to be sure we’re on the same page here: you don’t put points in EARLY game in the L&O tree… But you agree that it’s invaluable later on… Right ?

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Oh without a doubt. The massive survivability, gun damage, and reload speed you get from the L&O tree is amazing.

  • It’s just that I value the Riflewoman more.
  • And the L&O is partially much more enemy and gear reliant. If your enemies don’t hit hard you stack slower. If you don’t have a good Turlte shield you stack slower. If you can’t kill fast enough you don’t get RTG up all the time. Etc…

Minus the 8 points you sorta have to waste, it’s a great tree. And it shames Grit out of existence (just let me have my hyperbole). But it also tends to be better suited for the later game if nothing else.

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I had the same desire early on playing Nisha. But cos of the same strong advice I’d gotten from friends who were both far more experienced Nishas than me, I chose against rushing my build in order just to reach her zerking skill.

Nisha’s middle branch capstone skill (tier six) is a single point into One For Each of Ya which is a relatively small potatoes skill compared to real gunzerking in Sal’s method ~ with a point in OFEOY, Nisha can only zerk two of the same pistols but the game doesn’t even give you an option to change from the two pistols grip (which can take up more than 50% of your monitor / vision) to the traditional one pistol grip if you prefer it for a particular situation ~ the only solution is to respec Nisha out of OFEOY completely which can be a real pain.

As well, there’s a strange output to Nisha’s two pistols gunfire too ~ you don’t get two guns’ worth of firepower simultaneously cos the dual pistols with OFEOY will only shoot one at a time [e.g. both triggers can’t be pulled simultaneously for double powered shots] which totally sucks & comes close to defeating the whole purpose of her skill OFEOY’s zerking alltogether. I think it’s safe to say most Nishas surely trial the OFEOY cos it’s there but sticking with it is another story.

I first built my whole Nisha tree to level 65 with similar weightings in the three branches and then selectively topped off other skills or opted into the point needed for some single-pointers (like OFEOY). I had counseling early in the game from two friends who are experienced Nishas specifically and in TPS generally and that really helped - both gave great advice giving subtle suggestions that never acted as spoilers. I’ve been tracking my Nisha build and gameplay in another string here as she levels up thru the game & will return to finish her off with a post on my level 70 build when I reach it (am now 68), I’ll do a summary post with my favored lvl 70 build, top gear & a few pointers for beginner Nishas to keep in mind. Have fun :gun:

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??? She absolutely wrecks with 2 Hyperion pistols, and also if target not to small or you don’t mind running up to them she wrecks with 2 Vladoff or Tediore pistols too. Also with that skill that gives you 3 extra ammo, she wrecks with Maliwan also.

but Hyperion pistols, wow. In fact I noticed she actually becomes a beast with WHITE grade Hyperion pistols as the green grade ones are TOO accurate, it makes it harder and more annoying to casually blast foes with. I found white grade Hyperion pistols not too accurate but still very powerful, wow I coasted right through to the next level.

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By level 36 with Nisha it’s over, she becomes a complete powerhouse

far more damage than my Wilhelm was doing at that level

and after that the points went straight into Law for defensive buffs and she became even more stronger

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That’s only true for semi auto pistols like Jakobs where a trigger pull is a shot in any case. With automatic pistols, you get twice the fire rate.

And in both cases, you get twice the mag size without compromising your bonuses that rely on a small mag size. Also, with Jakobs pistols, if you ADS, you lose nothing, get the Crit bonus for both guns and can keep shooting with the other gun while the first one reloads. With a bit of practice in un-timing the guns, you can potentially completely eliminate reload downtime.

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This is clearly something I will have to explore!

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I’ll second this… Hyperion pistols are my favorite automatic pistols with her.

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Interesting. I don’t tend to use Hyperion much - not sure why. For Nisha, Jakobs is usually my preference purely for aesthetic reasons. I should probably consider actual game mechanics at some point, though!

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They just sort of extend the range at which pistols work in Showdown, due to their increased accuracy with sustained firing (they turn into little lasers pretty quickly :laughing:). I’m not sure how many people fire Showdown without being in close range to enemies anyway.

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The taser is awesome on her, especially in Cryo

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And if we’re talking Hyperion in general, the Fatale is one of the best guns you can put in her hands. :slight_smile:

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Lmao I love how it’s named after your ex. Classic!