Does anyone go down the right skill tree until the end then switch and go down middle for Gunzerk Pistols?

(Zen_Disaster) #21

Thanks Chuck (y) ~ this past 20 levels I’ve concentrated far more on the game’s range of pistols & it’s driven home the validity of your points about the TPS’ auto & semi~auto pistols. I’m learning slowly but surely.

Agree more & more with friends who contend the availability of auto pistol varieties has exploded over the course of the three BL titles to the point where it seems auto & semi are nearly the only descriptions supported anymore with a few exceptions thanks to Jakobs. Among the other “more modern” manufacturers, imho Hyperion & Maliwan have improved their qualities & Tediore has had a complete rebirth in quality since BL2.

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Exceptional advice on building indestructible high-level UVHM Nishas. Thanks Chuck - better late than never (y)