Does anyone have a 947k rough rider shield with max damage resistance?

Does anyone have a rough rider shield with 947k heath capacity and max damage resistance?

Damage resistance is always 20%. You should be more specific what level you need. That 947k is level 80 I think.

Yeah im op10 on my gunzerker and i need a op10 rough rider shield or level 80 rough rider shield with 947k heath capacity because i think its the max on the shield

Any OP10 RR will have higher health bonus than perfect lvl 80. Do you need perfect OP10 or just any?
It’s easy to farm from Bulwark.

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Yeah i need a perfect op10 for gunzerker

What’s your PSN ID?

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Ok, I’ll contact you directly on PSN.
Do you have maybe lvl 50 FotF with perfect parts for Krieg?