Does anyone have a extra rakk pack mod and a transformer or stop gap shield with anointment

I need a stop gap or transformer shield annointed with gain 50% elemental damage on weapons for 10 seconds.

Also really need a rakk pack mod.

I will trade what ever I have for either.

Got any Amara gear?


What exactly are you looking for?

100% ASE Recursion.

100% ASE Cutsman.

Spirtual Drivers…

I’m looking

So far I have a scotsman with ase 125% weapon damage for named enemies and badasses and bosses

I have an ase 100% recursion


Got anything with SNTNL? Redistributor or some other guns?

I have a redistributer wit ase 100%

Sorry recursion

You still interested I have the 100% ase recursion

I have some guns. I have a lyuda corrosive 100 ase.

Got a stop-gap with ase 50% incendiary. Can trade against ur recursion.

Ok deal psn is BADAZZ_PSYCHO

I’m about it my psn is BADAZZ_PSYCHO