Does anyone have a light show

Been farming for a fire element light show for my amara build and just keep getting corrosive and radiation and crappy annointments

What platform?

My bad forgot to say platform I am on Xbox one

Moving to Xbox section then. Please use it in future trades.

Ok, if anyone wants to trade I can do that just really need this weapon. I have a lot of other light shows I can trade, if you have the anointed consecutive hits that would be nice also

Ive only ever gotten 1 fire light show lol if ur on Xbox join oryanthehunter3 any time you’d like

Finally got a fire one but bad annointments

Guess it’s time to farm for the blood-starved beast

I think I have a few incendiary light shows. Any specific anointment you’re looking for?

Consecutive hits would be nice

The only consecutive hits anointed Light Show I have is shock. I do have an incendiary Light Show with N2M 100% incendiary damage if you want it though.

You have a shock with consecutive hits? I would take that off you, if you need anything I can check if I have it

Sure thing. I’ll be able to send it to you between 9-10pm EST. What’s the gamer tag? I’m on the hunt for a Hellwalker (either +200 weapon damage ASA or 100% cryo) or Anarchy with +100% cryo.

i am sure i have 3 hellwalkers with +200 weapon dmg, gamertag is GLocc5000

Never mind there ASE the next 2 magazines will have 100% additional corrosive dmg

No worries man. I’d definitely appreciate you keeping an eye out for a hellwalker with one of those anointments for me. I’ll send over the Light Show here shortly.

Sure will man been farming a lot

I have one
Engulfing Loyal Light Show
Dmg 10385x4
Inc. dmg 10359
Mayhem 10
Anointed: Consecutive hits increase dmg

Nice, that’s what I have been trying to farm for so long. Do you need anything? I can see if I have it or try to farm something for you.

I will be home tonight. Around midnight est. Just got to work. Dunny, it was the very first one to drop for me when I started the farm. Only other ive seen is lvl 63. Lol
Not 100% what I need. Only thing I do need on a regular basis is a hosted sanctuary for my lvl 1 mules. Lol So if youd add me [The d3adpupp3t] you can have the gun for use of your sanctuary sometimes. :slight_smile: