Does anyone have a lvl53 100% ase stagecoach yet?

would trade for snowdrift otto idol with shot gun damage and mag size

Already got a guy sending but ill still send you the artifact just drip your psn

thank you, my psn is Ice-T411

Fr sent

I’ll trade anything I have for that stagecoach. Add mightguyyo

Do you have one as well? I need to trade for a copy of that stagecoach.

Do you have the x25 ase 100? I would trade loads of stuff for it. Just let me know what you need.

I have not been able to get one x25, sorry

Only have x21

I have x25 lv53 ASE 125/Cryo/Shock/ and 25 crit.

Will trade for an x25 ASE 100 or an ASE one shotter.

I’ve been trying when you get it let me know