Does anyone have a major problem with the slaughters

Hi not to complain but the slaughters are way too hard it seems for me to solo which is all I play. Is it me or is it intentionally made harder than the regular game? Plus I making you go at it all at once is kind of stupid. I made a few rounds amazingly then my first crash I’ve ever had on my laptop happened so I failed and had to start at the beginning again which is dumb. Is there anything special about these that I can just skip these because spending 4 hours on it for no reason other than raising the chance of me breaking my laptop again isn’t appealing. Broke the other one 5 years old. It made me sad. But anyways am I going to miss anything skipping them?

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You don t really need them. It is more for the challenge than anything and effectively harder than story gameplay. If you intend to do one try the creatures one it is a tad easier than bandits or Maliwan

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Well, in my humble 2 cents, the only thing you skip is a challenge (and guardian rank farming, because on mayhem slaughters give more elites/xp).

Time required to finish the match is a bit too long. I too would like shorter loops. If I could repeat wave 5 with more rng spawns, it would be awesome. I already played them for a while and they have that dust2 level of attraction for me - simple map, raw gameplay loop. . :slight_smile:

Edit: We already had a foundation! BLTPS has solid mutator system! Why did GBX made step backward?

inb4 bltps bad. Heard that one before. Your Nobel prize will be delivered shortly.

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like they are intentionally made harder than the base game by design. its supposed to be challenging endgame content. they arent strictly neccessary, you could farm bosses or the dlc, but slaughter shaft in particular has decdnt loot. ylu probably dont have good enough gear. id recommend reducing your mayhem level and trying again, or just farm bosses until you have better items, then revisit the circles.