Does anyone have a max amp damage op8 Bee?

I hope i’ll have something worth trading :slight_smile: not sure what the max damage is but i think it is near 2,000,000.

I have one that has 1.8 million which I believe is perfect. Your welcome to it

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Thank you so much! Did you want anything in return? Also, what is your psn again?

Quick question: is the Bee max amp damage listed in the max stat list the highest it can possibly be? One guy had one wuth slightly higher amp damage than the max listed.

Just tell me what you have to trade and if i Want something I’ll tell you, if not its your free of charge. As for the Max amp the list should be right. When playing online be wary of peoples gear unless you know what to look for.
Btw I’m pooptang on psn

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Thank you for that Bee, it’s amazing!