Does anyone have a melee/slam build viable for Amara on M3?

I’m currently running this —

I’m using fist over matter to stack samsara stacks for health regen but overall the build feels a little slow on mayhem 3. Focusing on melee can make her go down quick and I don’t especially like the action skill. To be frank, the elemental style seems more powerful. I’d prefer to be able to focus on melee and throwing down slams, but the damage seems to drop away with higher mayhem levels.

Guns are: hornet, brainstormer, lovemachine and a facepuncher/butt plug.
Gear: breaker mod, brawler ward, melee lifesteal relic and any grenade.

One thing I’m considering is taking everything from the fist of the elements tree, except the 6 points needed for illuminated fist, and putting them into the mystical assault tree to get more action skill damage, better recharge, health regen from action skill, etc, something like this – But I’m not sure that would quite do it.

What do you guys think? Any tips/techniques/build improvements people can recommend?