Does anyone have a tradeable grog to spare?

I wish to apologize beforehand, as I do not see any types of ps4 trading headers, and I may be in the wrong place. But I’m currently thinking of starting up another salvador and I would like to have a grog offhand (other characters would be ideal as well). I haven’t really tried to use the rubi as it seems to be a much lower healing (not to complain, survivability is high on sally as it is) as I’m used to. Melee attachment would be beneficial in case I ever plan to use krieg/zer0 for their melee aspects, but I’m not going to be nitpick, it’s a great gun as is and anything/any level would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! And sorry again if this thread gets ‘phase shifted’ somewhere else.

I got you moved, happy hunting

Hey awesome, thanks a lot!

I have a spare grog it’s op8 though

Something to definitely look forward to, that would be awesome :slight_smile:

Psn is rockshox


Added :slight_smile:

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and I have a lvl 72. I’m on most nights 10:30 est. PSN: Sun_TsuNami