Does anyone have a video or picture with Toby's alternate taunts?

Because i keep getting stuff for every Rogue character BUT him. I want to know if it’s worth pouring more credits into Rogue packs or not.

I’ve been asking the same question, though I also buy them for sketchy and janked common items.

Since you were the only person who responded to my query, you may be interested to know that i found videos of Toby’s hidden taunts. The first (that i saw) is called “an apology”, and features Toby’s mech doing a freak out dance with it’s hands on its head (Toby appears to mimic the gesture in the mech); it is similar in appearance to Benedict’s default taunt. The second is called “aw shucks”, where Toby’s mech links it’s arms behind it’s back and lightly kicks it’s foot past the ground (in an identical fashion to one of Luigi’s taunts from Smash Bros.). Toby appears to take off his helmet and puppy-dog-eye the screen, similar to the picture in his upper-left lore challenge. I’ve see this one once, but never knew it’s name. I must have it… Anyways, just thought you’d like to know.

Awesome! thanks, I’ll keep buying those packs. And to think i was just about to switch over to buying epic packs…