Does anyone have an 3DD1.E to trade?

Not sure what you’d want in return, but I’m looking for a level 30-ish 3DD1.E. I’ve a few legendary items, but nothing too great outside of an Eridian Vanquisher Class Mod for Claptrap.

Well, I do have money, but that’s thrown at you in this game, isn’t it?

Thanks in advance!

Check out my shop below your post. Got an 3dd1.e there.

Yeah, I saw it. Problem is, I don’t have that much money. I’m only around 300K.

Thanks for the trade, the soul of your first born child will do nicely, too.

dang I need to learn to read. You needed a lvl 30 one, not a lvl 60 one. My bad.

Hey, Ha_Na, do you still have a lvl 60 eddie?!?

Have a couple.

You know the process of hunting this? The quest alone is a drag not to mention the travel getting there, but it’s an awesome Shield which deserves to be hunted, the drop rate is pretty terrible as well, I think I refreshed more than 20 times before I actually got it. Good luck man, if by some miracle I come across another one, I’d gladly give it out

BTW OP, the best way to get money. IMO, is to farm Iwajira and sell the stuff he drops.