Does anyone have an AVALANCHE shield ( legendary shield) that they can spare?

I’m looking for one of these shields,

I have a few lower level eridian vanquished class mods for law bringer, claptrap, jack, ( also have celestial for jack and baroness)

Can offer 50million for one of a higher level like 50-60+

Or does the grinder produce it possibly?

LOL…I just had this drop for me over the weekend. And I don’t need it. I already have a few from the grinder. Hit me up in the evenings. I am on the west coast. PDT.

GT: Kurtdawg13

I will even post the vid of it dropping…:wink:

Okay, if you don’t need it I could use it. What would you like for it?

My GT is NASTYROMANS on xbox1

Absolutely nothing. :smile:

I will give it to you. :innocent:

Thanks, I’m in eastern time zone also. I’m pretty sure. lol

I will be home around 4-5PM PDT time. just message me and when I get on I will respond.

I’ll be online in roughly an hour and probably a bit tonight, if you wanna add my gamertag


Thanks in advance and alright.