Does Anyone Have Any Experience With This Legendary?

I recently got my first legendary in a pack recently but it’s descriptions has me a little confused. This M.R. Synchro-Link has:

-0.8 Second Shield Recharge Delay
+21.43 Shield Recharge Per Second
Gain +11.79% Shield Recharge Per Second and +88% Shield Recharge Delay while affected by buildables.

Does this refers to the affect of a healing station and/or accelerator, or the proc effect of other gear that is triggered by buildables? (ie: Gain X for X seconds after destroying a buildable)

And usually a buff for the shield delay is measured in seconds (usually around 1 second), but this temporary buff is applied as a percentage. So what is it a percentage of: the -0.8 second shield delay buff provided by this gear? the original shield delay of the battleborn? or the combination of the two?

I’ve got this! Super useful when combined with other gear like the wrench or the battery pack.
Buildables affecting you refers to healing stations, accelerators.
% is applied to your base rates (it might be both though. Can’t tell for certain)

Falls flat in PvE though

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Realy great pvp items for longrange battleborn who usually camp near buildables… it’s even great for thorn if you equip a shield (combined it makes a huge jump in survivability)

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I got that legendary my second day of play…still haven’t used it because it was confusing lol

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Thank you for your help, and yea great advice! guess I need to start learning how to snipe. I mainly stick with “run and gun” type battleborn and support. Shame Thorn doesn’t have a shield lol.