Does anyone have bloodletter with splash and reload?

Im looking for a blood letter class mod with splash damage, aoe, reload speed, mag size, torque damage/crit/reload/ect, pistol damage. Anything to benefit any of these. I have lots to trade.

I’ll get back to you. I’m going to check my mods tomorrow.

I just picked up 5 bloodletters and 3 blast master mods, so I don’t remember which perks are on which.

I picked a mod up with weapon reload, Torgue weapon reload, and Pistol Damage I believe.

Okay awesome, keep me posted. What are you looking for in return?

If you found a shock or cryo craps with splash damage I’d be interested. If not we’ll work something out. I mostly thought it was interesting to see double reload on the same mod. Figured most people would be more interested in all around Damage anointments but it could actually be fun.

If it isn’t on one of the bloodletters I have dozens of bloodletters I can check.

Well i do have an electric craps that is going to be hard for me to part with but if the mod is decent enough for what im looking for then for sure. It has 125 splash btw

Well now I’m really intrigued I’ll go check.

Not the Iron Bear Splash anointment though correct?

No its after action skill end

Cool. The mod I was thinking of was a Blast master, but this one also dropped.

I can check for others if you like.

Dang no points into desperate measures. Its pretty much what im looking for tho of course. Is that the best one?

I have may others I’m pulling up mules now.

Hahaha thanks man! If you cant find any, do you have transformer or stop gap with after action skill element damage?

I have all the Transformers for bonus elemental damage.

Those are going to be the closest to what you’re looking for that I have.

Willing to trade me one with bonus corrosive or rad? I cant decide hahaha

I’ll sent those no problem.

PSN jorgeammo

Awesome, well pleasure doing business!