Does anyone have gold on Renegade and Archive?

I don’t solo and only PUG but I have gold on all the missions except these two. It really shouldn’t be this hard to get gold on normal and it would help if there were more details on how the scoring works.

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I have gold on renegade but not on the archive, it won’t give me a silver on archive despite doing it without dying and collecting most of the bonus score

I am having trouble getting silver on Archive as well. I thought score was the only factor for performance but unless it differs for every mission I don’t think this is true.

Let the bots die, run your score up. Simple. We got 92k doing this and gold.

It’s really boring, but once you get to the part where you need to protect the bots so they can get to the big robot, just let the enemies kill the bots. More enemies will spawn than what are needed to kill the bots and you just kill them once they have more than is needed to kill the bots. You just still and do this for like half an hour for an easy gold.


I’d suggest just playing normally for now first. A hotfix just came by to reduce silver/gold requirements for Archive by 20%.

I also only have been doing PUGs, solo takes a really long time, longer than I want spend in a game made for co-op. I just got gold on ‘The Archive’ yesterday by just playing normally with only a score of 57,555 after trying 8 times. On the flip side of things I have a “high” score ‘The Renegade’ of 76,659 after trying 12 times and still only have silver. These have been the most difficult maps to score on gold on by a long shot.

That and I’m still trying to get a team of only Eldrid so I can Master: Bolder. If someone would like to like help out I’m xbox one as Gunsmoke1084. None of my existing friends have the game.
EDIT: And apparently you need a FULL team, I’ve tried to solo and and Duo with Thorn, still not unlocked. The text on this lore challenge could’ve more specific, or more lenient with the requirements.

Gold on Renegade was easy, have gold on all except Archive, it’s sooo crazy of a map.
But I do have Gold in it on Hardcore Advanced, but that was an awesome team.
I really think a team is needed on Archive, at 70 minutes solo you still don’t have Gold.

This is for the Archive.
Time is NOT a factor, in any of the story maps, in my experience.
Take as long as you need. There are several pauses in this map. Use them to scour the area for crates and pickups.
Get all the pickups you can. This will help to build your score. The shards did not seem to add to the score, neither did building things. Although I haven’t figured out what the bonus score is comprised of yet.
When you reach the point where the info is being downloaded into the little green bots, this is where you get the score.
There is an area by one of the Varelsi bubbles, you will be standing in the water and a waterfall will be near. There is a cave where the Varelsi that look like Jack from Nightmare before Christmas spawn. There will also be Jennerit thrall that spawn there. Camp there. Do not defend the bots, let them die for awhile, this does not affect your score. Stand in that pond and kill the Varelsi in the cave and the Jenneret thrall that come at you right in that specific space.
We did this until our score reached 50,000. Then we started defending the bots to complete the process and continued on with the game until finished. We ended up getting a score around 70,000 and the gold. There were two of us, Mellka and Kleese. It took about an hour total to complete. Hope this helps.

Does anyone know the score for gold in the Renegade? I have silver, but I have not been capable of completing it with a gold.

In archive and renegade you should take in a shard generator with a good secondary ability and buy it before everything else, take your time, slaughter and loot EVERYTHING, and complete what challenges you can… Keep the body count high and your deaths low cause your extra lives count towards score… Buying thumper turrets and temporal traps seem to be the best choices for these and The experiment, also SET UP your ■■■■ before you activate steps, objective health also contributes to score…

Your high score is pretty close though, I have 78,211 and have gold :slight_smile:

Here’s Gold in The Archive in just 25 minutes:

I’ve been struggling with renegade too. Scores in low 70k but keep getting silver. We pretty much destroy the enemies easily each time. I guess it’s more about pickups and cheesing boss

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I’ve also only been able to get silver on The Renegade as well done the mission more than 20 times. All kinds of different team compositions, my best score is 76k. Getting pretty frustrated with this mission, always loot and kill everything, find all chests, do the challenges, all the extra lives, bonus score etc.


Yeah it sounds like the only way to get gold is to make more enemies spawn.

Didn’t you see my post above?
We rushed it, did very little killing and got Gold. 25 minutes.

Good to know, lol.

According to Reliikki in a reply to my posts it’s somewhere around 77k - 78k, his score being 78,211 and my score still being silver at 76,659.

I JUST got gold on renegade like 40 seconds ago with 80K

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78k is the threshold I believe, had a best score of 76,378 was silver, then 78,843 was gold. On The Renegade that is.