Does anyone know a good place to farm Legendary Class Mods?

I know this might have been asked before but I cannot seem to find where. I am looking for a very specific Legendary Class Mod for my Iron Bear build. (Yes I know it is not meta but I do not play with other people on account of having no friends so my build will not slow others down.) Any specific place to farm Legendary Class Mods?

I believe I’ve heard graveward is the best now that rare spawn week is over. Might try there.

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Graveward is your best bet if you can farm him quickly. If you’re on PS4, I have a few Iron Bear mods in the bank if you’re not looking for one with specific modifiers.

Ya know I just realized I have not seen a single legendary class mod since I started playing. Huh.

Graveward has been the go-to for me personally.