Does anyone know if progress will be wiped on the 31st?

I know some people are stating LORE progress isn’t updating as it should

But in general is Character Rank and other stuff such as skins/taunts going to be wiped when her official release date?

I"m unsure if this is a “test/balancing” phase or if it is more a present/treat for people who bought the deluxe & played beta and we get to level with her a week early. Or if GearBox is just giving us a little taste but will delete

I’m rank 5/6 with her but don’t want to get too high if it is just going to be deleted. Rather not waste my double xp weekend. Know what im saying?

It stays after the 31st. You won’t lose experience on her at all

There was a lore bug? I checked mine after every story and it was fine