Does anyone know if the Linc Pistol can have an anointed effect?

The legendary Atlas Pistol “Linc” drops from the Anointed Alpha at the Anvil. I really like the pistol and wanted to farm for an anointed version of it to help it perform a little better (its damage is godawful). Yet after a few dozen Linc drops, all have been none-anointed although the event has greatly increased the odds (most other boss drops are typically anointed at worst after a couple of drops).

So that got me thinking; Is the Linc capable of spawning with an anointment to begin with? Am I on a wild goose chase? I’d really like to know.

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I got an anointed quest reward yesterday, so I think anything is possible…

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nope as of right now it can’t I have put a 2k support ticket in for this and made a post for this as well. Other things that can’t be anointed are ghast call, scream of terror, hyper hydrator, girth blaster, buttplug, peacmonger, and many other quest rewards like amazing grace. hopefully they fix this soon.

I do believe you, but I’m still inclined to ask if you have a source for your claim?

Also that really sucks, Atlas is such a garbage manufacturer that if any gun needs an anointment to be viable, it’s an Atlas gun. I really like the Linc but the damage is so pathetic that it’s not worth the ammo consumption.


I mean the source for my claim is farming about 50 lincs, 35 of which are documented on imgur, 20 of those are after anointed boost. That coupled with the fact that there are other items that can’t be anointed makes me about 98% positive that you can’t get it anointed legit.

@shadowreeper1337 got an anointed buttplug.

it is just rng, i farmed some anointed quest rewards in normal mode m3, i did not get any went to tvhm m3 and got a few (chomper, multivitamins, etc.)

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Mine was a porcelain pipe bomb… Got it after zero tries…

Grenade prön:

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I have farmed buttplug for about 4 hours straight with 0 anointed, I can almost garuntee that his is modded. I have also farmed many other quest rewards that DO drop anointed and get 1 in every 6 tries or so. So while it may be rng, there is clearly something wrong still with some quest rewards. Also I only ever farm tvhm in m3.

Kind of envious of you getting that quest item with that anointment. Lucky :drooling_face:

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How do you even farm quest rewards? Asking for a friend.

You have to be in TVHM and need to reset the story mode. It can be quite the hassle for quest items near the end of the story mode.

Although nat_zero_six is probably implying that he had characters that completed story, without doing side-missions, then once completing the story activated Mayhem which allows for level scaling and the anointed effects to appear on Normal mode quest items. This isn’t repeatable from what I know.

Finally, another way, which I consider improper, but to each their own. nat_zero_six could of made a save file at the quest completion point and rerolled the quest each time, by re-accessing the earlier save before completion.

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This. :point_up_2: i used both methods and i bring in a new character in splitscreen to double the chance.

Aww. I was hoping I had missed something and there was some sneaky way to re-roll on Quest items on console. Well fuu-

I really need to sit down and farm terror annointment stuff to go with it…

I wish they had kept the drops the same as mayhem week…

I need to quit being a little b*tch and go bust some ecto