Does anyone know if the loot drops will be "Instanced" or some other solution?

I heard someone saying they thought it would be some multi copy drops or something. So, that everyone could grab a copy of the same dropped item?

I’m a huge fan of that or instanced. Mostly because “loot ninjas” aren’t “fun”. They really just make you not as likely to play co-op.

edit: also I’m glad to see we finally have a proper Borderlands 3 forum!

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They had that implemented in Battleborn, so there is no reason they can’t do it. But does this depend on it being server based?

Also, wouldn’t everyone want it to be the good old ninja loot style?? so you all get to scream like little kids when those shiny beams of awesomeness appear :smile:


I’ve actually heard it will be both. Apparently the default will be instanced loot, but you will apparently have the option of going with the old method. This makes it seem like there’s going to be a menu option, presumably chosen by the host, that will set how loot works in any coop session.


As far as loot ninjitsu goes, in my experience the enemy drops aren’t really a problem.
What always got me were the chest ninjas, sprinting ahead to open every single red loot chest. I’ve had people jump off the cliff near tinder so they could wait right next to where the train pulls in, and the instanced drops won’t do anything for this scenario.
And really, if I wanted an enemy’s drop that badly I’d farm him solo so I could do it at my own pace. All that said, in co-op games “finders keepers” is honestly the fairest way to handle this imo. So I’m glad I could turn that off

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I have a group of friends with whom I’ve played BL co-op since BL1. We are great believers in the principle that we’ll be more successful if everyone has good gear. We happily let gear go to the most appropriate player/character. Instanced loot will quadruple our loot drops because we will swap items between ourselves accordingly. It will be interesting to see what difference that makes to the gameplay.


It has been confirmed there is instanced loot. (everyone gets their own drops)

and that you can toggle the old loot system if you want.

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You can instance the “drops” from a chest too.

Looks like yes. Instanced loot. But with an option to go back to “classic mode”.