Does anyone know if the shield break/fill on action skill activation annointment works on the brawler ward?

The shields effect says while shield depleted, so does that count as it breaking with this annoint and has anyone tested it?

No. Tested.

This means that if shields are active, the effect is not.

I was actually wondering this too. Like a lot of anoints, there’s not a way to know deeper info. And when an anoint can spawn on anything, even if it won’t work on that thing, it causes confusion. It’s a flaw in their formula. There need to be an exception list and they need to put in the time to remove anoints from items they don’t make sense to be on, like “when deploying barrier, regenerate shield” on a rough rider, and such.

I think it mostly happens on shields,rough riders with when shields break next shot amp damage,the action skill start and sliding to refill which i believe was removed with the last patch(not sure on that though) are just junk, it’s the action skill start on other shields like a transformer making it a useless anoint,the fist couple of times i found it pretty comical and with everything this game throws at you it doesn’t surprise me,I just shrug my shoulders and shake my head and remind myself this is Borderlands and when it occurs on the frozen heart it’s great or sometime’s you just need that companion piece to go with that infinity pistol with reload anoint