Does anyone know if the Transformer Shield is immune to Nullhound/Hackhound?

Those hounds are the bane of my existence.

For some reason it is not. I wanted to post about this weeks ago and fotgot. It is a bug? Their attach looks like shock but the shield gets depleated.

NOOOOO my hopes and dreams…

I have more shields than health, so those things cause me a lot of grief.

YOUR hopes and dreams!?? i have ONE health lol, ONE. (then again, i have 71k shields without any kill skills or temporary boosts…

They don’t actually use shock attacks what you see them emit is an emp pulse it just looks like shock


So what’s the shield counter to EMP?

Nullhound aoe don’t do electrical damage, it does shield damage (like one of Zane drone augment). If your shield is toast, your health don’t drop either.

There isn’t one it’s like an enemy special ability just aim for thier mouth and unload into it

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Yea @davidmorganbray , just kill it :rofl:

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That wasn’t what I meant lol it’s mouth is its crit spot you can knock it out of the emp “stance” if you unload into it’s crit spot while it’s doing the emp attack

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yeah it still isn’t as of now, Moze with a buncha life limiting (and shield increasing) skills and a deathless can confirm.

They don’t do shock damage is why it does damage to the transformer it’s a special emp ability go on Zane leave all but a null hound alive and let it emp attack him you’ll see that while it shreds his shield it doesn’t damage his health

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they are functionally same as the emp grenade, no health damage, but can take down any shield. ignoring elemental immunities.

pretty much it was probably just cheaper for gear box to use the same electric look for the attack rather than creat from scratch some thing that is only used for one enemy type and nothing else paying programmers and designers and such thus why people think it’s an electric attack