Does anyone know the chance of this happening?

I got a pearl drop, an op8 critical butcher, from a pile of bullymong dung and I am trying to find out the odds that this could happen. I have read several discussions all saying something a little different. I have read people saying that a random legendary loot drop is 1/10000 or it could be 3/10000. But I am not sure if that is referencing to just enemy drops or random loot sources. From there it seems getting a pearl instead of a legendary is either 1/10 or 1/66. Any help and info is much appreciated, thanks!


The chance for random drops (so no chests or assigned boss drops for example) is likely the same no matter where it comes from, the only difference between enemies and random loot sources is the amount of drops.
UVHM itself definitely has a better chance for high quality loot (as evidenced by Green drops being far more likely, just to mention an easily observable change) but we do not know how much better that chance is. The Legendary chance being tripled certainly helps too.
The question is of course just how much rare world drop Pearlescents are. We do not know anything but outside of Raid Bosses and Chests reported sightings of Pearlescents from mere mobs are really rare (to this day, after three years, I still found only one from a random EXP Loader. Several from Raid bosses though) and even rarer from random piles of dirt (mostly because they usually don’t drop anything at all). The old rates would imply it is 1/10 of a Legendary drop which in itself should tell a good story of how rare such an event is considering is still doesn’t really rain random Legendaries still.
So basically, it’s really, really, really rare. Congrats on such a rare find!


Thanks! I have been playing for almost 2 years, it is amazing that after all this time there are still things in this game that will leave me in awe. I may never know i guess but it was still an amazing drop!

I have no idea what the odds are. I’ve gotten 2 pearls from lockers and 1 from a cardboard box, but the odds of getting some kind of gear from those is probably higher. The more interesting thing (at least to me) is that I got a level 68 Fire Bee from an ice block in Mercenary Day once, and I’m pretty sure it was the same block. Now what are the odds of that? :slight_smile:

RNGsus has smiled upon you.

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I forget the level but I swear it was 50s for an Avenger drop from a Loot Midget popping out of the boxes right before you battle the boss in WEP. This was a while back with Maya, and I didnt keep it or take a picture…

Wow that would be some crazy coincidence!

Damn I think that would be real rare for the level. From what I remember, I have only had 1 pearl drop for me in 50 lvl. A slag butcher.

Look everybody I think we can all safely say


Its things like this that make me always shoot the bullymong piles while farming.

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FWIW, here’s a screenshot from when I found that Fire Bee. I think it’s the same place.

who else is kicking themselves for never shooting that pile while farming the snowman? LOL I for one will be sure to hit that pile every run. smh…LOL

This happened to me ONCE in years of playing, from a stalker waste pod. Ever since then I always break or open every lootable object I find, even the ones that doesn’t contain weapons because I found a loot midget out of a mailbox once too.

I got this Butcher from a pile in the Hammerlock DLC while farming for a new Rough Rider for my Krieg. Bonus!

This Leech came from stalker goo in WEP, inside that broken centrifuge room before the loaders-vs-stalkers area.

(Yes, I accidentally picked up one of the Doctor’s Orders echo units heh, fortunately it didn’t affect the LLM spawnings.)

I always check everything I can, never know when RNG will smile upon you!

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Oh snap that’s CRAZY!!! that’s some lucky pile of poop!

I got a gub once from that same area. I think it was from a different pile though. I’m gonna look for the video.

This is the bee I got from a pot in TIny Tina dlc

I don’t have a pic but I got fire Invader sniper from the bullymong pile right above the elevator to get to tinderflake

@Rumplebunny not the same but right next to it, I think yours was were my video started were I picked up the eridium.

I decided to do the math for the world drop pearl at the beginning of this. The chance of that occurring is 1 in 66,667 . On the other hand, the world drop legendaries are 1 in 10,000. The numbers look bad, but once you look at the percent of it happening is like winning the lottery in Myanmar (Bhutan), 0.00001515% chance.

Now good luck if you want to get all 8.

Burma :wink:
But good for you for putting in both names.

Oh yeah - 3 year necro :stuck_out_tongue:

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Mathter, it’th alive! The monthter ith moving!
End of thread?