Does anyone know where to get the "Handsome" head for Jack the doppelganger.?

Hello BL-Forum,

I don’t really know where i get this one.

At first, I heard its an extreme rare win from the slot machines if you get three vault hunter symbols. But im still playing on this slot machines for hours now and theres still no head… :grimacing:

And in another topic I had read that it’s dropped by the Sentinel as a loot…

I am really confused, if somebody knows where to get it, please tell me :frowning:

sorry for my bad english ^^

Colonel Zarpedon i found it from her already used it thought sry

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ah ok thx for the information anyway :smiley:
but afaik is zarpedon not farmable :open_mouth:
Or does anyone knows where to rebattle her ?? xD

Her Loot-Pool was Transfered to the Sentinel.

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thx for the reply guys you helped me a lot ! ^^

i just got it off zarpodon again if u want it

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yesss youre the best xD im trying to loot sentinel for the last 2 days but no looot.
My PSN name is: xXSamPhanie

my psn is Shadowdemon882

are you online now

Actually ive killed the sentinal twice and i still can’t find it and it’s nearly imposible to get three vault hunter symbols on the slot machine…