Does anyone know who drops the Flakker?

Wanted to farm a Flakker but don’t have a clue on where to start.

It’s no specific enemy that drops it seem. From my 60+ hours of gameplay I have only gotten it from random elites.

I can’t even imagine the frame drops, overheating and general panic many systems will feel once the flakker is fired.

I got a burning flakker last night.

Just trying to remember who dropped it

I got two Flakkers from farming Chupacabratch on Athenas.

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dunno but i wish to god it wasnt in the game…

Loot tink dropped me a Flakker, also dropped Infinity, Maggie, Rough Rider, Ogre loads of stuff. Ive got a level 1 Infinity from them :joy: Well worth farming :wink:

i have got bunch of those from gravewarden

I’ve gotten 4 flakkers from chupa before the hit fix.

Most items are world drops and can be gotten from almost everywhere. Normal enemies, bosses, chests, loot tinks, etc.

There is a few amount of items that only drop from specific monsters/bosses. Then you have items that are unique to quests and can only be earned by completing certain side quests.

I don’t think the Flakker is being dropped by anything specifically. Your best bet is to farm Chupacabratch or the Graveward boss.

We don’t know all the loot tables yet. As of right now, it appears to be a world drop.

80% sure that the Mankid in Konrads Hold drops it. Ive consistently got Flakkers there while farming Headsplosions. Could be wrong though

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I got one from him last night. Really a nice gun fir large upclose enemies

You’re correct on that . I’ve had a few drop as well then just checked the spreadsheet he’s listed as a dedicated drop .

Manvark in Konrads Hold drops the Flakker. Fast travel to the Slaughter Shaft and turn around and go through the door behind you that leads to Konrads Hold. You will spawn in in front of Manvark.

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