Does anyone know why the Jericho was buffed?

Not complaining. Genuinely curious. The gun was already good…now though, it feels nutty. M3 TVHM CoS with 5 annointeds? NP. Pull the Jericho out, swap it to mortar and watch the fireworks.

It gets even more silly on Moze since she can use Recurring Hex or Storm Front to constantly regen the clip so you end up just throwing grenades and spaming Jericho shots. Mr. Torgue told me GOOD FCKING JOB and didn’t once say MOAR FCKING EXPLOSIONS…never had that happen before…

Anyhow the point is that the Jericho was good before, after the initial buff. Why was it buffed again?

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They buffed the cutsman along with all maliwan guns when they adjusted the base damage for all maliwan guns and the cutsman was already op on release.

Just roll with it :wink:

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