Does anyone on ps4 have the monster wheels for technical?

Need help I’m looking for the monster wheels for the technical I have all weapons and tires and armors so far and the monster wheel is at ellys garage on sanctuary but I cant equiped it on my truck

The Monster wheels at ellies is just for show. I believe there is a hijack target at some point with Monster wheels for you to get them.

I’ve done all the crew challenge highjacks I’ve also tried load farming them on all the stages either it’s super rare or its glitched just need to know if someone has them so they can allow me to digistruct there truck

Well I could have sworn I got them from a Hijack but I guess not then, I seemed to recall Ellie suggesting something about Monster wheels when I was nearby one possibly the Homestead place.

I can’t play now I live in England and I am about to go to work till 11pm now but you can add me on PSN if you want and if you don’t get them sooner I can hook you up with some sick Monster wheels!

PSN - shadowvenom_67