Does anyone still play this online?

Just bought the goty edition not too long ago. Does anyone still play?

Quite a few people actually, my girlfriend and I included.
Sadly we both are at max level and bereft of the Underdrome DLC.

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Yeah i was trying to find someone to start a new game with but so far it has been no luck

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Where are you from and what level? I’m gonna play the DLCs (,execpt Underdome) soon.

Northwest US, Level 21 Lilith.

Well I’m from Finland myself so there might be some timezone issues, but feel free to contact me if you want to play the DLCs after main campaign.

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Just bought this today, I just started a Lilith, and will likely start another class soon.
Edit: I should mention that I’m in EST, I’ll be on plenty if you wanna team up. Lv. 3 and rising, or we can start fresh. shakejunt922.

Not sure when I’m going to be online, Might be next week. But I will play.


Hey I want to start a new co-op also do you want to do it with me I’m from Canada where are you?

Western US, Might play on weekend.

I just need someone to help out with some DLC trophies

i bought this game a few months ago… i started to play it yesterday. So yes, i will be playing online once i reach some decent level on the campaign.
Currently playing Defiance, Yu-gi-oh 5ds decade duel plus, got some pending trophies for those…
like to complete games to the fullest and if possible set some records while on it.
luis_lem is my PS3 id, feel free to add me especifying which games you need some help with.
Looking for people who actually play any games frequently