Does anyone think Monuments could use a supply station somewhere around the first sentry?

I’m 99% sure I’m not dumb and have failed to find it thus far, and so, I would like to talk about the lack of a supply station around the first sentry in the Monuments map.

With the very open area in the center where the minions meet and the small pillars being insufficient to effectively cover numerous large Battleborn (e.g. El Dragon, Attikus), I find it can be rather rough for many characters to hope to reliably give the minions a bit of a poke so they can at least get XP. While the number of paths to said center gives some aid for melee Battleborn’s flanking maneuvers, it’s not a reliable method for them to deal with this (and we certainly don’t want terrain that goes “It’s going to be tough for melees to take cover here but there’s going to be no excuse them for them to not be able to always flank rangeds all the time!”). I feel like this makes the larger characters overdependent on having a healer or Kleese Rifts on their team for basic functioning on the map.

A supply station nearby the first sentry would alleviate this.

Yes Plz!!! It’s hell not running a support on that map.

Nope because Monuments seems explicitly designed to be the anti-camping map so having a supply station near the first sentry would violate that design principle.

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Or, you could just see it as a tactical requirement. :wink:
I must say, I’m somewhat confused by the fact that most teams seem to employ a support char (or even go Dual Support) on Maps with healing stations (aka Overgrowth).
If it is a ‘requirement’ there, where does the idea of running Monuments without a support char come from? :smile:
(Serious question here, I don’t play that much PvP. But I’ve never ‘missed’ a supply station on Monuments.)

On the whole topic, I find it an interesting twist that Monuments lacks certain buildables. IMHO this creates a difference in push speed amongst the various maps (you could argue that map size alone is sufficient for this, but the buildable placement is equally contributing to this.)
I’d really like to see more variance like this on future maps, including more ‘in-lane’ buildables.

I’d want there to be one near the stinger, on the left. So you have to run back, but it’s a non central location and is annoying to go to.

That could work. I believe to uphold the general speed/gameplay of Monuments, supply stations should always be less popular choices, compared to running back to your healer (or worst case, porting to base for heals).

The current supply station location is extremely stupid its literally 3 seconds away from the spawn smh…

They definitely should move it closer to the Big minion

I can answer that. The treck of running from center to the supply station is short, but you forfeit your center, which is key to victory in that hellish hole of a pit they call strategy (I hate overgrowth). He who controls the shock turret controls overgrowth, and if you leave to go to your supply station, you lost your shock turret. For the most part anyways.

Supports make it to where you have little chance of losing center. It doesn’t matter much if they don’t do as much damage as the attackers, as a tier 3 shock turret will mess their life up anyways.

Why do we still run overgrowth? That stage is stupid.


Completely agree. No one bothers to buy this healing station since it’s completely useless. There should be one by the big minion.

And if we are talking about Monuments changes, there also needs to be a way to run back into your base to heal. Since it’s elevated with no access ramp, you are required to teleport now which is a pain and dangerous if the other team has a Pendles. It’s not okay that some characters can access it through skills (Phoebe, Attikus, Mellka, Benedict) but most can’t.


I concur. The supply station on monuments is only useful if you have been pushed back to your last sentry. It should be somewhere between the two, as it is on echelon and overgrowth. Perhaps off to the side of the main walkway between the sentries, where the stairs up to the sniping perch are or somewhere near the turret right outside of your first sentry area.

It certainly would not hurt, but I find it’s usually better to teleport back and grab shards on the way back to the front. Sometimes seems faster than sitting at the supply station

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On ps4 Monuments has framerate issues.

Frustrating, get killed while it’s happening, oh god wat, framerate issues.

Doesn’t Ps4 have frame rate issues on Echelon too?

I think the only reason that the Supply Station is so far back is because the map was sort of made with Pendles in mind. Teleporting is a risk because that’s when the snake bites, or you can retreat to the station and stay on guard, but you’re still at risk.
I’d prefer if the station were moved up, perhaps into that tunnel behind the big minion?

oh man I was so confused when I opened this. I forgot supply stations are a thing lol. I never use them, they’re not worth it, Healer should be healing and you shouldn’t be taking enough damage to have to constantly go back to a supply station. Learning to play without them would really benefit you in the long run, it makes you a better player. Now I am not saying you dont need healing from time to time but wanting/needing a supply station just seems extremely odd to me.

Its not about wanting or needing it…its more about “Its in the game so it needs to be useful”