Does anyone use the bearcat?

if not (which i assume)
why not make it a fun gimmik weapon like the facepuncher (ok this one is actually op) and just let it deal “grenade damage”
that would open up a lot of possibilities for a weapon that none cares about anyway :smiley:

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No, it sucks for the second game in a row.
Just like the landscaper did.

GB just does it over and over with some weapons. Some gimmicks just don’t work.

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It’s an original weapon, but deals no damage which is a damn shame I woud have used it if it was possible to kill something with it. I secretly checked if that was considered actual grenades but noooo they can’t do bugs when you will expect them to.

i feel like ive been waiting for a bearcat buff for a million years. if they tighten the accuracy and increase the damage by a lot then i definitely would

The Bearcat’s sweet spot for me is maybe a two-level buff? A MM10 version (bringing some action skills, modifiers, and the like into the combat equation) hits at a comfortable level for me at MM8. One burst (where all the grenades hit the target because we’re pros and don’t spray them around like maniacs) is dropping Skag pups… maybe two+ magazines for a Badass Skag? (You’ll want way more level buffs if you want to spray the field randomly and kill with individual grenades, and I’m not sure I’d ever call it a Wotan killer, which seems to be a common benchmark).

Also, I’m not min-maxing here, but for the MM10-only players who are after one-hit kills, I’d pass.

I like this…combine splash, AOE increase, and nade damage for ridiculousness…

All Torgue rifles need a buff IMO


Torgue weapons were strangely left out of the last round of buffs (along with Atlas). Aside from pistols which every manufacture got. Hopefully they’ll get some love in the next round. I miss my bangsticks.

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I like this. It would be very original and that’s exactly what we need now we have going on 300 legendaries.

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i am just dreaming about this since i tried to make my 1 hp build more survivable and rushin offensive wasnt buffed yet and the only thing we had to heal ourelves were grenades
it would be so cool xD

Not to mention Pull the Holy Pin and More Than OK Boomer.

So people joke around about the red text and how it’s like your legit shooting popcorn at the enemies. I though it would be cool to steer in to that idea of shooting Popcorn. Give the shoot grenades a fuse time when hitting the ground then when they explode they do like 500% more damage as Splash damage.

There is a risk of us having another Whiskey Tago Foxtrot scenario but still I think it would end up being a cool idea for a combo with say Singularity Grenades

Don’t you dare. UCP’s bearcat was one of the funniest weapons on Axton, as it was properly tuned and receiving (IIRC) grenade damage bonuses

The Bearcat to me is just another piece of crappy legendary gear that gets left on the ground. I see it as another junk filler to further pollute the already polluted loot pools.

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Are we really counting UCP in this discussion: an Unofficial Community Patch? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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It was the better way of playing BL2, that is the hill I will die on :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
But yes, mostly because I mained Axton and the UCP had so many improvements for him that I never looked back once I tried it.

And the UCP bearcat was fantastic it carried my ass until OP8 along with the fastball.

I haven’t tried one at level 60, but at level 57 M10 a X18 Bangstick still slapped. No crit swap required