Does anyone want to play on ps4?


Ps4 players - join my struggle!

What lvl are you?

Heading ##

psn: Lmkurty, just looking for some people to play with. From Australia lvl 51 siren atm. Hit me up

Im wiling to! I would love to expand my friends who play Borderlands 2! Add me! Sorrowblade8

Iโ€™m always down to play with new people. Add Styke89, level 37 Zero right now

Nice - hope you donโ€™t mind if I join your user tags to my friends list. I played this on xbox 360 and got every player to op8 with all legendary loot. Iโ€™m level 45 with salvo so far have quite a few legendary loot. Ok only asking cos people on xbox asked - do you guys drop loot for each other?

You can add me if you want. Im having to start alm over again since I sold my ps3. I had 3 characters at op8 before. I played the crap out of borderlands. Love it. Add Lord_Sylton