Does Anyone Want To Play?

I’m looking for people to play BL2 with. I have a level 61 Zer0 and 61 Sal. I just bought the Upgrade pack #2 last night so trying to get to OP8 lvl 72. Shoot me a message if you want to play!
GT: Zexvei. (I have all DLC except 2 HH packs; Wedding day massacre and the Thanksgiving one. And no DLC characters, but other than that, I have the rest)

I can. My highest level character is a level 50 Krieg, and I need some help leveling up my level 4 Mechromancer. I also need help getting the Nihilism head for Zer0. If you could help me with that stuff, I would be grateful. I have the DLC Pirate’s Booty, and have completed it. My Krieg has all legendaries, including “fiddle de Nukem” and “Conference Call”. If you help me level up my Mechromancer, and help me get the Nihilism head, I will give you some level 61 guns. My GT is NOTANORMAL.

Ik this is late but ay I’m looking to play I need a norfeet if u have it I’m on 360 gt grover998