Does anyone want to trade for a nor fleet? I can't seem to get one to drop

I play solo most of the time. I’m In Uvhm. I killed vermi like 5 times and nothing. Is anyone willing to trade me for a Norfleet?

ill invite you

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Gt? I’m Ievel 72. Sorry I don’t know what gt is. Are you on now?

They’re asking you what your GamerTag is.

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Thanks a lot. It’s djcobra2001. Sorry. Lol

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Are you level 72 or op8? All my stuff is op8 I have a fire shock and corrosive nor fleet msg me on xbone H3XiiC Sn1p3r

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I am 72. But currently about to work on op levels.

I can’t find you on xbox

if you still need one I will be on in just 4 minutes send me a message. GT = Name

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Ok. Djcobra2001

Thank you the response. I really appreciate it.