Does anyone who's completed the campaign still play without Mayhem Mode Modifiers?

Sometimes I consider going back to playing without Mayhem but then I remember how god-awful the drop rates are without them.

Currently farming KatagawaBall on Mayhem 4 with 700% increased luck and can remember numerous times (Once 3X in a row) where he drops nothing but blues and maybe a purple.

I shudder to imagine trying to farm for a dedicated drop legendary with a good anointment without the 700% luck boost. It would take ages.

Mayhem boost is only for world drops, it doesn’t affect dedicated drops.

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Good luck farming for dedicated drops regardless if you’re on Mayhem or not. Sometimes it can take hours due to low odds combined with potentially having multiple in the pool.

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Sometimes? Depends on my mood. I’m not really into farming, so I just use it as a difficulty modifier to tone the game to my character’s/my skill. I don’t want to one-shot everything, but nor do I want to shoot a rock wall.

A couple of my characters can handle MM4 pretty well, so they’ll be “farming” (running around mobbing and hoping for the best) until I get a set of the MM4 dedicated Legendaries.

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