Does anyone with a physical PS4 copy have their gold skins?

I submitted a ticket and the emails have been slow, so I thought to ask the players also. I bought the physical copy and season pass, and they talked about the 5 gold skins for Pre-ordering. I don’t have those skins. Does anyone else have them, so I’m missing something, or are they still coming out, so I just have to be patient?

I preordered a physical Ps4 copy from Gamestop, and I have my skins. I redeemed the firstborn pack code I was given on the receipt in the Playstation Store and it worked just fine. Got the title and skins immediately, no download or anything required.

I’ve got the same issue. I already redeem the pre-order code but still not getting the skins… anyone having the same issue as well? did anyone already report this?