Does AOE damage entail damage from want type of AOE damage?

I have a eridian artifact that gives me 33% area of effect damage. I understand that this effect all types of grenades. But does it also effect my Tediore and Torque weapons. What about weapons like kill o’ the wisp? Is shoots out a large ball and then explodes, does the damage increase as well from the artifact. Thanks in advance.

Splash and Aoe are pretty much interchangeable terms on guns. I haven’t tested all your specific examples, however in general if it benefits from splash it will benefit from aoe.

Tediore reloads get aoe, the actual bullets sometimes do but most Tediores don’t get aoe on their bullet as their generally not splash.

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I believe this term mostly applies to Grenades that leave pools or puddles. I believe any relic that makes you drop a pool after a slam would count to. Nova Sields or the Devils Banshee may also get a boost but you would haft to test. Novas don’t get splash damage so it would stand to reason.

Thanks for the replies, my guys! This helps a lot.

They do seem interchangeable for most guns but I think the damage is split in-between the hit boxes. There is hit box similar to a nova shield from weapons and grenades that I think represents the AoE. I haven’t tested this but some weapons seem to have larger nova spreads and some pretty noticable splashes.

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