Does ASE 100% still exist?

I mean… it exists because I have some weapons in my inventory with it.

But in the past… 4 weeks now?.. I haven’t see a single one dropping.

I’m not talking about a weapon I like… but I haven’t seen a single gun with this anoint drop.

I do see ‘damaged by rakk attack’ more often, but the ASE 100% (which I prefer) has disappeared.

Is this just extremely bad RNG-luck, or did I miss something in the patch notes somewhere?
(Or did they hotfix it but kept it hidden outside of the patch notes)

Yes I’ve had quite a few, as recently as a day or 2 ago. Just RNG

I never seem to see that anoint on anything any more. I mostly get “while airborne” and “while sliding”, both of which are worthless.

The anoints in this game are a real problem.

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Yes it does. I have one in my safe that I found yesterday.

I’ve had so many slide and airborne as well

I have gotten several Lobs with 100% weapon damage on ASE in the past couple days. Yes, the anointment still exists and seems to spawn just about as regularly as other anointments.

Had a few of those in the past week.
On the other hand I’m struggling with 125% fire Moze annoint… Can’t find it anywhere :sob:

I would much prefer to see “after sliding” instead of “while sliding”. Or “after slamming” instead of “while airborne”.

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I have the impression that this anoint is not that common either, so i am not surprised that you did not run into it for a long time

“after sliding” would actually make it at least a little useful.

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I farmed Freddie for quite a while last night. Out of about 80 legendaries that dropped, only 2 of them had the ASE 100% anoint.

It has never been that common for me.
But it does exist. Just recently found a Woodblocker with that anoint.
RNG my friend …