Does ASE 50% rad and ASE 75% rad stack?

I know that ASE 50% elemental anoints of the same kind don’t stack, but does the ASE 50% rad and siren ASE 75% rad stack since they are technically different anointments?

All gun elemental anoints can stack with the shield/grenade ones of the same kind, as can Forceful Expression/Infusion, only S+G doesn’t stack.


Oh I didn’t know it was just a shield V grenade thing. Thanks.

Yeah everything stacks except if grenade and shield have the same anointment.

One other interesting thing I learned (and can confirm) from a commenter on some YT video is that for exploiting ricochets, you want to have different bonus elements on gun and Forceful Expression. E.g. if they’re both shock, you’ll only get one extra projectile for some reason.

Infusion and FE gives 2 projectiles, shield and FE gives 2 projectiles, it seems to be only gun anoint + FE doing this. To be clear, their damage does stack, they just don’t give you 2 extra projectiles.

I was more interested in the damage stacking. I try to have a limit on the projectiles because I notice once it gets to a certain point, when I fire the Recursion my entire game just grinds to a halt. I was using a Recursion with x2 projectiles with ASE 75% statues effect damage/chance anoint and it was doing this constantly. Switched to one with higher base damage and ASE 50% fire damage and it makes less projectiles but still melts mob just as well.

I don’t spec into Infusion because it’s whacky. It would be nice to have an extra projectile at times but again, performance goes down the drain and the kill efficiency of the weapon doesn’t really go up enough to justify it. Maybe if it was like, fire 1 bullet and everything on the map dies instantly I’d go for max projectiles, but for now I’ll stick to just using FE, ASE elemental anoints, and a x1 projectile prefix. It does it’s job with little to no performance issues.

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Yeah it definitely goes wild on system performance especially with the Recursion. But in terms of damage stacking, yeah only avoid the same anointment on shield and grenade and you’re fine.

So are the extra projectiles generated by stacking different elements or simply by stacking damage anoints?

Does a Recursion with ASE 50% on shield or grenade in the same element create an extra projectile or not?

ASE 2 Mag from weapon and ASE 50% from shield/grenade in same element creates 1 or 2 extra projectiles?

Siren anoint and shield/grenade anoint in radiation create 1 or 2 extra projectiles?

Number of anointments. #1 gives an extra projectile, #2 and #3 give 2 projectiles. The only exceptions I’m aware of are the two mentioned before (either shield/nade = same or gun/FE = same).

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Yes, but heads up that 75% is actually only 40%. Next 2 mags 50% will likely be a stronger anoint to keep an eye out for.