Does attack damage still affect Miko's healing?

I have found many older posts on the forums stating that Miko’s healing is increased by attack damage gear. However, many people added that this might be changed in an update at some point. Can anyone confirm or deny that it still works?

I wouldn’t know off the top of my head, but you should be able to test it in the training modes or in bots matches. try healing one of your minions/bots with no gear then do it after activating your attack gear.

Yes and skill damage affects Biosynthesis. So it would be wise to stack attack AD and Heal Power .

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Have you tested it any time recently?

Att power:
Miko beam
Ambra beam (to heal her sunspots and others)

Skill dmg:
Alani wellspring and skills
Ambra sunspot
Miko self heal biosynthesis and aoh, ult
Reyna vital pryocols
Kid ultra drones, ult
Kleese shield healed by rifts and mortars


I guess we really do learn something new everyday

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Try this with your favorite heal power and you will see how much alani can heal



so does heal power do nothing for reyna or is skill damage just stronger?

they both work! just depends on which % is higher then

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Both work! Like @Moosicus said.

Lets say u use heal power 14 +7 but you want to increas it so you have option to use a second gear
a) a pice of gear with second stat heal power for 7%
b)use skill dmg 9+5

If you want to use a 3rd pice of gear to boost your heal power you should use a second stat heal power instead of skill dmg because heal power is 7% while skill dmg is 5%


I see and the same for alani as well , something new to try now. Very informative thank you both @dantesolar @Moosicus .


That’s why you run solar sustainer and gauntlet on Miko

+14% heal power
+10% AD
+18% AD

When you pop bio and heal to full he’ll heal an extra 42%


I dont recomend it… You get it end game. Usually as a support i cant leave the battlefield to get shards.

And every free shard screw miko, negative cd,skill,heal,reload are bad for miko.

You can lose 9% att power of the symbiotic gauntlet but get a cheaper att power+ hp - shield and skill dmg +hp-shield for 4xx each, around 900 x2 items instead of 1800.


Flawed Eldrid skill dmg blue, flawed eldrid attack speed blue (if it’s -max shield), heal power blue or Symbiotic Spores.

Blam, Alani general loadout.

But alani increase her heal power with skill dmg… And her legendary is rly good for that att speed and extra 15% hot