Does attack Gear stack?

So with Deande, I love to use attack speed gear so my question was does it stack? I have this gear that increases my attack speed by 9.27% and then I have this other set of gear that gives me another attack speed of 5.33% but only for 5 seconds after landing a melee hit. I know the passive attack speeds don’t but what about this?

In my experience all of the effects stack unless they both have the same primary stat (which the game won’t allow you to equip two of the same primary stat anyway).

Yes it stacks

I think what you mean is the game won’t allow you to equip two of the same type of gear.

You can have stacked stats ie +Attack dmg on multiple pieces of gear.

That’s what I mean by primary stat.

I use a purple attack damage gear with attack speed as the secondary stat and a purple attack speed gear, it does indeed stack. You notice even more when you stand behind Toby’s shield wall for the attack speed boost. Attack speed > Attack damage, but if you can have both there’s no reason not to.