Does auralia still drop the creeping death?

I cant get it to drop so if anybody has an extra ill gladly trade for it.

I have one but im after icebreaker victory rush with okay perks at moment which seems to be pain to find

I have one but I’m after an Atom Balm Victory Rush with good perks or good Gamma Burst anointed gear.

I got atom balm I think but im after icebreaker one haha

Does it have area of effect and Rad bonuses?

I have an Ice Breaker Victory Rush with cryo damage, cryo efficiency, and movement speed.

I have to check but that’s minor upgrade from one I got I guess

got otto idol version with 40% mag and 21% cooldown, and then static charge one with radiation damage and cooldown though i had one turns out victory ruh and maybe deathless is ones i don’t got atom balm wise!